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Its only wierd if it doesn't work

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There is a popular Anheuser-Busch commercial highlighting wierd rituals football fans practice to "win" the game. After several scenes of lucky socks, head rubbing and other craziness, the last scene flashes, "its only wierd if it doesn't work".

I feel like that often in my practice. The human is a complex combination of body, soul and spirit andi am often led to do things I have never done before or never seen done. Muscle-testing gives me some confidence that what I am sensing/hearing/intuiting is on the right track. Weekly I find new revelations on things I didn't know anyting about prior. I have adopted this saying because often the greatest results i get happen when I just step out of the boat of my previous knowledge and experience.

In my experience in ministry, I have seen the Holy Spirit move in unprecedented ways that looked "wierd" to the observer. God will not be put in a box.

The more I know and learn , the more I realize that I know very little. The spirit world and realm of the soul and subconscious is a continually unfolding mystery. Years ago I learned that my greatest successes occur when I feel inadequate. This allows for God to work through me. It is uncomfortable but familiar.

I encourage you to step out of the boat of the limits you have put on your world. Living in the "wierd" is exciting, accelerated and transformational. I believe we can live in constant revelation if we allow for new and "wierd" things to occur without fear of looking foolish. No one changed the world by doing what everyone else was doing....


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