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Developing a Holistic model to addiction recovery - Pt 2

So, what would a Holistic addiction recovery model look like? While I am careful to not hold to hard fast rules or formulas, principles which are backed by science, scripture and agree upon psychological truths are the foundation from which we base this model. Recovery models have some great components. We are not needing to reinvent the wheel, just to fill in some missing gaps.

Quantum Physics tells us everything is made up of energy and vibrates. High vibration is good, low is bad. Positive things vibrate high, negative thing vibrate low. We are a container for vibrations and they affect our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual well-being. These vibrations are cumulative to add or subtract to our overall frequency (sand bags and hot air). A lifestyle of peace and joy, free from addiction is a product of math. Add in high, remove low and keep doing it every day.

The truth is: You were designed to thrive, not just survive. Our brains were wired for peace and joy. We were put on the earth for joy not shame, guilt and fear. Imagine a hot air balloon and this is you. What makes a hot air balloon defy gravity and soar – Hydrogen (hot air). What keeps a hot from soaring – sand bags. All healing processes would include processes and that add “hot air” and processes that cut off “sand bags”. Everything in this model would do one of those two things.

The sand bags we are removing are: trapped emotions, negative programming/beliefs about ourselves, others and “life”, traumas, generational beliefs and emotions, spiritual darkness from ancestors or our own lives, structural blocks, meridian blocks, and toxins of all types. The “hot air” are the positive things we are adding in like: Life giving food, supplements, water, positive programs/beliefs, exercise, sleep, rest/play, color, sound, smells and other positive vibrational things and experiences.

(Read A Believer’s guide to the Law of Attraction to better understand this)

So, a holistic model would include:

  • Healthy life-giving food

  • Supplements, oils etc. to heal the damage done to the body by years of abuse and neglect and to manage brain chemistry

  • Detoxing over a long period of time

  • Frequency treatments for viruses, bacterial, energy balancing and any pain or health issues (addiction is often connected to pain management)

  • Structural adjustments and healing modalities

  • Emotional and energy release techniques, reprogramming negative beliefs to positive (changing the vibration inside the body)

  • ID and reprogram/release of generational emotions and beliefs

  • Spiritual cleansing and deliverance from life and ancestors’ iniquities.

  • Progressive lifestyle changes that promote health and joy

  • Accountability systems for all these shifts done in doable gradual bites.

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