Personal Transformation


Our process allows you to find and release the roots blocking  specific outcomes like:

  • losing weight

  • finding a healthy romance

  • attracting wealth


The AMA agrees 80+% of all disease is rooted in emotional and mental issues.  We help release these types of roots in clients who are battling disease and bring support to any types of other treatments for these individuals.  Again, we believe the body can heal itself given the release of blocks.


We also assess for health support with supplements and foods from various categories that we have found most effective over the years to help the body stay in a state of thriving and wellness.


We also see clients for most issues including

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • trauma

  • addiction 

  • abuse


Our integrated process addresses the roots of any issue and bring release and reprogramming.


These sessions are very effective using skype or phone as well.  We will also do intensives if a client is only in town for a short time.