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 "I highly recommend Robin Perry Braun.  She has been used greatly by God to help set many free at the New Orleans Mission.  We have been blessed with huge growth, especially in our staff's maturity."


David Bottner, CEO New Orleans Mission

"I had the most intense, powerful long session with Robin and am experiencing a level of freedom I have never had before."


Stacy, New Orleans, LA


 "I have been doing phone appointments with Robin since last year.  I have been doing inner healing and prayer ministry for years but have received unprecedented transformation since becoming Robin's client and using her integrative methods."


Sue, Santa Barbara, CA

 "I refer all of my clients to Robin for trapped emotion release and healing of their past.  As a Natural Doctor, I know that all disease has roots in body, soul and spirit.  None of my referrals have been disappointed and all give me rave reviews on how she has touched their lives."


Charlene M. Parrish, ND

 "I have had alot of therapy but still felt a dark shadow looming over my life.  Robin translated her technique into Spanish for me.  While I was skeptical, the first trapped emotion she found happened to me at age 3.  No one knew about it.  She released the abandonment and the belief that everything was my fault.  The dark shadow lifted and I felt like a different person.  Each session leaves me feeling lighter and brighter"  (translated from Spanish)


Maria, Dallas, TX

The camp was great!  We had an opportunity to do inner healing prayer for about 10 guys and there were 3 or 4 others who we couldn't get to.  I gave them my card to contact me if they wish.
There was warfare but the recent counseling I have been receiving really allowed me to be victorious in fending it off....praise God.  I can honestly say that might not have been the case if had not been armed with it.


Les - after doing a men's Bootcamp

For the past 10 months, I have been working with Robin Braun, Emotion Code practitioner, on clearing various trapped emotions.  Robin is intuitive and compassionate, as well as extremely proficient in her understanding and application of the Emotion Code.  She brings her heart and mind to each session, offering the perfect balance of sensitivity and efficiency.  

The Emotion Code work I have done with Robin has been incredibly beneficial to me along my personal growth journey, and I highly & unconditionally recommend EC and Robin


TP - Dallas, TX

 Several years of strife between my son and myself have left me with a longing to be closer in a more healthy relationship with him.  Robin has been helping me release the resistance and last week I received a text from my son that he would like me to meet him for lunch.  It has been years since he initiated contact with me and it was a real joy to spend time with him that day. I did not detect any of the anxiety, anger or stress that usually came with spending time during a meal or a few minutes on the phone.  It was as it should be in a healthy exchange of information, humor, and relaxed time during lunch with a loved one.  What a joy Robin has helped bring back to my life.  


Jane - Dallas, TX

I'm finding more energy now in life, it's such a welcome change! In fact, last night I went and played some hockey with my son and I got butterfly's, I was so excited! I told my wife I hadn't experienced a good time like that in a long, long while. It was so wonderful to share it with one of my children!   The nightmares also stopped after just 2 sessions.


Matthew - Utah

Thank you so much...our work has "created" great results...I was offered a job that found me with birght, creative and empowered women; a flexible schedule for my kids and unlimited salary with commission... everything we asked for and released resistance too.  I am very happy and thankful for your gifts..


M - Dallas

"When I contacted Robin, I had been waking up at 4:30 every morning in a panic from nightmares for an entire year. As you can imagine, I was emotionally and physically exhausted. I had tried everything. Just thinking positive thoughts. was not going to cut it. This was WAY deeper and could have taken years in therapy. However, Robin got to the bottom of it in a matter of minutes. She was so efficient that we even had time to delve into some other areas that I didn't even know she could help me with. Since my 1 hour with her, I have never had a nightmare since. She has given rest to my soul and peace to my spirit. Her 20+ years in prayer ministry allows her to address the person as a whole and with laser-like precision to hone in and get to the root of the matter quickly. She is uniquely gifted, highly effective, and masterfully efficient. She is truly one-of-a-kind. She gave me one of the most blessed moments in my entire life. I highly recommend her!"  Jennifer - Leonard, TX

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