Here are a few of the products I recommend:

Do-it-yourself wellness can cost you alot of unnecessary money, time and energy.


There are a million products out there and not all are created equal and  you don't need all of them.  In my practice, I assess people using muscle testing for what they need individually and I can do a brief session with you for assessment.


BUT there are products I find almost everyone needs and I highly recommend.  You can find these below.  They are not easily found in a store.

My Book Believer's Guide to The Law of Attraction

What does God's word say about The Law of Attraction and how can it affect your life.

Create a life of real peace and joy with this 30 day devotional "30 Days to Peace and Joy"

Check out wholetones, click here and read the research and testimonials about this product.

I highly recommend this product for general detox.

Living Clay

Kal Omega with Lemon 120 capsules. This omega consistently tests strong with clients and is a great deal