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Other Practitioners

Holly Malmsten, MA Clinical Counseling
Santa Barbara, CA
In person and phone appts.
  • 15 years experience as a certified counselor and prayer minister  
  • Certified in Theophostic Prayer Ministry

One  of my greatest desires is to see people fully free to operate in their full capacity and capability with which they were created, fully connected to the love of God, and knowing their true identity.  I have combined all of my past experience,  into a wholistic health practice with my own unique style of bringing people into complete healing of their body, soul, and spirit. As an Integrated Life Process Practitioner, I believe that I am doing what I was created for, and  I have truly seen the most profound breakthroughs, using this modality, for identifying and releasing  trapped emotions and .  Holly is certified in Theophostic prayer ministry and has 17 years experience as a certified counselor and prayer ministry.   She served as the Healing Ministry Director at Santa Barbara House of Prayer

Meagan Sellers

Waxahachie, TX

Agape Healing Fields



Meagan Avery Sellers has a myriad of different work experiences behind her. She is a Texas certified educator, theatre creator, makeup artist, and has worked with children for the majority of her life: as a teacher, a nanny, in children’s ministries, Scouts, day and overnight camps, and theatre. Meagan is the founder Agape Healing Fields, where she is called to help bring peace and joy to the inner child that is inside everyone.  Meagan carries a special connection to the Holy Spirit that she believes brings healing power to her clients. 

Benaiah Brown

Ft Worth, TX


in person, virtual

Benaiah focuses on energy healing and belief reprogramming through a process he calls Root Work. He is particularly passionate about helping highly-sensitive men develop an optimal lifestyle strategy based on their design and potential. Benaiah has an MBA from the Acton School of Business in Austin, TX, a program run exclusively by successful entrepreneurs. He shares his thoughts on his website,

Benaiah Brown headshot.jpg
Peggy Grenier
Deland, FL
peggy (2).JPG

Peggy Grenier has done counseling/inner healing prayer for women, children, couples and groups for over thirty years.  She has worked with trauma and relationship issues helping clients to gain insight in discovering root issues in the heart.   Her trainings and certifications include Elijah House facilitator, Christian Healing Ministries, Theophostic, Sozo, Integrated Life Strategies, recovery 12 step ministry and essential oils.  She has an M.A in Marrriage and Family Therapy from Oral Roberts University, and a B.S.W in Social Work from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.  Peggy is also an ordained minister, author, teacher, trainer and consultant in the area of counseling/healing.  She lives in Orlando, FL with her husband who works in the addiction field.

Rene Deal

New Palestine, IN

Rene Deal Wellness


in person, virtual

Rene is a Christ-Centered Energy Wellness Practitioner. When she started her journey into energy work it was important for her to be aligned with her Christian roots. As the picture kept changing for her regarding energy practice she didn’t feel “complete” until a friend aligned her with Robin’s course. Robin’s course allowed her to understand that with Jesus at the center and taking the helm her practice would be blessed and energy work could be simply explained. Humbly leaning on the understanding of truly how energy works she could empower not only herself but her client’s health as well. She helps to guide and empower clients on their journey to emotional wellbeing. As an Energy Wellness Practitioner it is her honor to walk beside you and to support your unique journey. She is a Certified Practitioner in the following modalities: Integrative Life Process, Body Code, Emotion Code, Advanced Digestive Health and Transformational Nutrition. Rene truly loves what she does and is blessed daily to be working with clients worldwide.


Hilary Barnett

Nashville, TN

Whole Motherhood


in person, virtual

Hilary Barnett is passionate about helping people heal and transform their lives. She earned an M.A. in Practical Theology from Regent University in 2012, and since has been running a small digital marketing agency that has served over 50 happy clients in a wide range of industries. She has also been writing for over 15 years as a freelancer, and has been published in several online publications. Hilary was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2015, which led her down a path of alternative healing modalities and ultimately to energy medicine. She is happy to be thriving now, and living a healthy and productive life as a wife and mother of two young daughters. She believes that energy healing is the future of medicine, and loves how it marries the physical, scientific and spiritual aspects of who we are.  

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