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Thriving:  Living at the Frequency of the Kingdom of God

In this 8- week course you will learn the basics of Quantum "Healing" Science theory and technologies.

Reading Thrive is a prerequisite or concurrent text and 30 Days to Peace and Joy is recommended.
Cost is $80 (10 per week) and may be later deducted from the IBRT full training. Choice Social subscribers pay only $25.00 for the course.  Cost may also be deducted from any of Dr. Robin's session plans (which are offered at discounted rate from website plans)

You can join the Choice Social subscription group here:

Course Outline

 WEEK 1 – Acclimating to a new world View

WEEK 2 – The Law of Attraction and the Law of Expansion, You get what you believe

WEEK 3 – The Law of Reciprocity/Sowing and Reaping, freedom from bad seeds

WEEK 4– The Law of Entrainment, ministering without burnout

WEEK 5– Collective Consciousness, Quantum Entanglement, Grasping the Matrix

WEEK 6 – Practical applications for body, soul and spirit, progress not perfection

WEEK 7– How did we get to be the most dysfunctional and how do we transform

WEEK 8 – We can change the world – the bigger picture

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