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Detoxing and Nutrition

If you have landed on this page, you are interested in a supervised detox or a nutritional evaluation with Dr. Braun.


True Cellular Detox

Dr. Braun is certified in the TCD Process and has seen good results with people using this.  

"I had been looking for a longer term detox for a while that was part DIY and part supervised.  I believe in both educating and making the client responsible for their life and health.  

Dr. Pompa has researched and vetted this protocol and I felt strongly this was the route to go."

The detox includes four sets of tests to compare before and after each 30 day phase.  At each stage, Dr. Braun will hold a thirty minute consultation to test for additional supplements or troubleshoot any issues.  Along the way, she is available as well.  Parasite or other cleanses may also be needed and this is evaluated as well.

Because of her conviction, Dr. Braun charges less than most other TCD practitioners but also only works virtually.  Still, she has seen great results.

Join the thousands of others who have gotten their lives back with what you're about to discover


    How 3 BIG STRESSORS (physical, chemical or emotional) can create the Perfect Storm of Disease. (And spiritual roots as well)


    Inflammation: The Silent Killer. Could you have inflammation on every cell in your body? My discoveries of Cellular Inflammation and the link to nearly every chronic disease.


    Genes do not determine your destiny. You can turn off these hereditary genes.

  • Dr. Pompa's personal story of how he lost his health to an unexplainable condition. Fighting and praying for answers, God led him to what he needed to get his life back.

Watch this video to learn more about why you need to detox on a cellular level
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Nutritional Evaluation

Many people waste money on poor quality supplements or the wrong supplements for their body.  We give our friends advice based on what has helped up but everyone's issues are different and even the same symptoms may have different causes in different people.  Often people also take too many supplements when their body wants to do fewer things.

Doing a custom specified nutritional evaluation  saves you money and allows the body to expend its energy in the most efficient way.

Dr Braun pays attention cost and quality on a budget while triaging your body's needs and order of priority for healing and wellness.

Fill out the contact form below for a custom appt.

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