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Mexico, Cozumel and Roatan

I am remiss. I am late in writing this blog. I have been focused on getting my book released in time for Christmas. So now I am catching up.

Many feel the Cancun/Playa del Carmen beach area is overrated. I disagree. I have made many trips to Mexico over the years and let me tell you why I like these beaches and resorts.

  • Out of every Caribbean Island I have visited, the service at Mexican resorts is the best. They keep everything immaculate, they are friendly but polite and respectful as well. They are humble and grateful. They seem to like their jobs. This has been my experience repeatedly at multiple resorts.

  • Most of the food in Mexico is grown locally and organically. It just tastes better and is healthier. I find a week will cause some level of detox from American chemicals of some type. Most resorts offer a variety for those who don't love Mexican food. I don't tolerate spice well myself.

  • Most of the resorts are beautifully decorated and the amenities are extravagant. They are competing against each other and Cancun area is one of the most visited beach tourist attractions in the world.

  • The water is beautiful caribbean blue. Most of the beaches are clean and only in parts of the Riviera Maya is it rocky along the beaches. Many of the other coastlines/beach areas on the east coast of central america have a lot of sea grass. This feels mucky at the bottom and they cannot change the ecosystem because of the reef along the coast.

  • They rate as very affordable among caribbean vacation spots

  • The transportation from Texas is easy and frequent and affordable flights.

  • The Cancun airport is efficient

I went to Mexico the first week of October. This is a good time to travel - great weather. I stayed at Vidanta resort. This resort is massive. It has a water park, the largest pool in central America and you need a tram to get from your room to the main areas. The landscaping is immaculate, and the aesthetics are unparalleled. My only complaint is the ocean entry is rocky but a walk down the beach to another resort provides a perfect beach. This resort is a little pricy and certainly inflation has taken a noticeable mark on the food prices. I felt pampered (it wasn't my first time there)

I took a ferry to Cozumel and my daughter flew in to stay a few days with me. This was a timeshare week from Interval. The resort was old and the rooms were not nice. But I walked out my door to the make shift sandy area. There was only a small spot of beach, otherwise you entered the water from a dock or stairs. Most of this side of the island is rocky. But the snorkeling right off the "beach was pretty decent." So a little different vibe.

We went scuba diving on a shore dive (my daughter is not certified) and it was clear and some decent things to see. We also rented a car and drove the Island.

I remember seeing "Against all Odds" in the 80s. I always wanted to visit Cozumel since then but had never gone. Most of the resorts and hotels were older and in need of some renovations. There was a healthy cruise ship business, but its likely I won't return to Cozumel. Cancun and Playa del Carmen are much better experiences.

In December I went to Roatan. I had been eyeing Roatan for a while and even had a payment on a potential condo there. My mission was to visit various parts to see if it would be a possible living destination.

Well, I could write a long blog on what a terrible experience I had. Needless to say I think God made it clear it was not the right destination for me. There were a few bright spots: a scuba dive with some beautiful underwater flora and a visit to an excursion where I got to hold a monkey and a sloth. It was rainy season, so I didn't get a fair opinion of the one remaining area I was considering, and I cut my trip short.

Next week I am heading back to Cancun and Playa Del Carmen for some dental work (Cancun has a great reputation for dental work) and to look at property in Tulum...


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