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The "NEW" Safe Connect Plus+® dual-purpose Bead Bracelet is offering-5G Ready Resonance Technology which effectively harmonizes and balances the body, relieving stress when exposed to EMFs (manufactured electromagnetic fields). Safe Connect Plus+® created the bracelets with two lava beads, allowing the essential oil to be added and used as a personal diffuser. The beads are beautifully colored stone beads specially chosen for their beauty, light-reflecting colors, & sheen! The center Black/Clear BEAD has The Safe Connect Plus+® proprietary 240+ resonant frequencies embedded and encoded into it to provide you with that much-needed
Energy, Balance, and Relief Technology.


Children’s – 2” around – 5.5 inches long – 25 6mm beads

Women’s – 2.25 around – 6.5 inches long – 21 8mm beads
Men’s – 2.5 around – 7.5 inches long – 19 8mm beads and 8 wooden spacers


Share in memo which bracelet and which size

EMF harmonizing Bead Bracelet

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