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Integrated Life Strategies

Integrated Life Strategies  incorporates tried and true modalites with cutting edge tecniques to bring healing to life's deepest issues.  Our approach addresses the whole person: body, soul and spirit.  We transform organizations and individual lives through Corporate Leadership training, group and individual programs.


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Thrive: Applying Biblical and Quantum Energy Principles to live a Transformed life.

Journey Through the Storm: Overcoming the pain of your husband's porn/sex addiction

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30 Days to Peace and Joy: Journey to Transformation in daily Bites.

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Remediate the effects of the CV Jab

Corporate Transformation

Bringing unity of vision and purpose to your organization beginning with your leadership.  Improve your bottom line by improving your team's interactions and removing the blocks that are impeding growth.

Get trained to
be a practitioner

Looking for a career in holistic wellness?  Our comprehensive training equips you to be a certified Integrated Life Process Practitioner, running your own practice without the years and thousands of dollars it would cost you otherwise.

Book Dr. Robin to speak or educate about a topic on Holistic wellness

Jumpstart a paradigm shift into a new healthier life with our wellness escapes.  Each escape includes modalities that will propel you into the life you truly desire and God desires for you.  These tranformational retreats are custom tailored to yours or your group's needs and wants

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