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Girls just wanna have fun !

Wellness is about balance. Most people who know me would say while I am peaceful and stable, passionate and driven. I am serious about healing and serving my Lord with all my heart. But I also know that to stay at a high vibration of peace and joy I must make time for play, rest and fun. All of these things raise vibration, reset my metronome and help my thoughts return to deliberate and intentional places.

When we work too much even doing what we enjoy, we don't connect with others or process our own feelings well. Laughter and play create well-being endorphins and help us not take things so seriously. Being with others creates relational bonds, builds "joy strength" which enables us to recover from places of upset more easily.

The same is true in focusing on all the pain and negative news. When we focus on negative, we empower it and it expands. When we focus on positive we give that power, it expands and and we attract good things into our life and we stay at a place of joy.

On a regular basis I see people who are broken, abused and diseased. If anyone had an excuse for workaholism I could find one. But in order to really help these people I have to offer hope, joy and comfort. This only occurs when I am emotionally, physically and spiritually grounded and stable.

So make time to play, laugh and bond. Enjoy the moment and be present to it. Focus on solutions, not problems. Your emotional, physical and spiritual health depends on it.

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