Instructions come with the package, explanation in video which also comes via email with purchase.


there is a powerpoint also attached to give links to research with each issue.

Some of these products are sold individually on this page and have product details included.  Those sold only in this package have product info attached.


1 q disk (also for EMR remediation) (retail 50.00)

1 bottle vax hp   (retail 25.00)

1 bottle powdered medi clay  (retail 30.00)

(These are for remediation of frequency)


1 bottle alovea Immun  see sheet attached  (retail 70.00)

1 bottle cytodetox  (retail 75.00)

High dose melatonin  (retail 35.00)

(This is for the graphene oxide)


1 bottle CLNZ  (retail 30.00)

1 bottle medi clay capsules  (retail 26.00)

1 bottle vit c (retail 25.00)

(plus previous products for biotoxin detox)


DIY for spike proteins (see powerpoint)

bath detox package (retail 15.00)

DIY for other nano tech (see powerpoint)


Borax protocol ingredients included (salts, baking soda, borax, alfalfa)


Includes  shipping to US - request for international available.



Basic jab remediation package with borax protocol included

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Instructions for use included in package with each item.  Please make an appointment with a natural health practitioner for more severe adverse effects.